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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation is an emerging technology that automates routine tasks like interpret, generate responses and communicate with other systems in order to perform on a vast variety of repetitive tasksrapidly with minimum costs. RPA bots are designedby robotic process automation companies to integrate with process automation for enhancing the value of automation strategy and achieving process efficiency. The non-intrusive nature of RPA enables organizations to implement technology quickly and efficiently without disrupting the existing infrastructure and systems.

Robotic Process Automation can be best explained by the individual terms used in RPA:
  • Robotic Entity capable of copying human activities
  • Process Designing sequence of steps for completing an activity or task
  • Automation Performing tasks without outside assistance

Get started with RPA

We at VertexPlus help our clients to identify the process relevant for robotic process automation and implement tailor made solutions effectively. Our services help enterprises to solve complex issues related to IT and operations with increased IT sophistication. From our experience and knowledge of AI, we provide valuable advice and enable businesses to rethink their IT strategy and deliver value at scale. We offer different types of RPA tools for improving the efficiency of performing operations and increase the competitiveness for ensuring your continued growth.

VertexPlus’ approach for successfully implementing RPA

Categorizing processes and developing roadmap for defining targets along with developing strategies for risk mitigation.

Prioritizing for achieving automation in high-impact processes by conducting Time & Motion study and Value Stream mapping.

Selecting the best tools among available options for achieving all the automation requirements.

Implementing the planned activities and managing organizational change by collaborating with firms for smooth transition towards RPA.

Our expertise

Ui Path

It is used in Windows desktop for automating repetitive tasks and it also has drag and drop function. It also enables enhanced control and on-demand cloud deployment.

Blue Prism

This tool is used for creating virtual workforce by using software robots and it is developed using Java and it is embedded with drag and drop function.It contains features such as data encryption and load balancing as well as Ensures scalability and central management. It also used to provide on-demand cloud services for increasing storage capacity.


This tool is used as it contains unique feature of centralizing the deployment and management of bots on the server. Multiple bots are deployed and executed from a single server to a particular sever in a clustered environment thereby achieving increased performance and scalability.

Automation Anywhere

This tool is used for automating highly-repetitive tasks easily and it is also cost-effective. It helps in workflow management, extending the ROI, and managing scalability of standalone RPA.


This tool is used to automate routine tasks that gets repeated in a workflow and it has the ability to automate tasks by utilizing the UI of existing applications. There are two types of facilities provided by Pega RPA; Desktop and Process Automation.

Softmotive RPA

This tools is designed for business firms through Desktop Automation and Enterprise Automation. Desktop Automation is designed to run on single PC and web-based tasks. On the other hand, Enterprise Automation helps to minimize operational costs, improve performance, and increase productivity.


This tool is used to automate functions with smarter bots and contains pre-emptive risk control capabilities. It also ensures automating wide range of processes and entire job roles. It also has the features of centralized management, plug-and-play scalability, and advanced security.

Using right tool is the key to fulfil the business requirements and we provide best solutions depending on the level of automation that can be achieved for improving performance.

Features of our RPA services

Provide end-to-end support including purchasing licenses, implementation, development, and post-implementation support.

Real-time monitoring of all stages of the process and task execution

Unified dashboard view of processes and performance of bots.

Enabling multiple KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for monitoring the performance of bots leveraging the dashboard

Ensure standardization of processes across all the functions in an enterprise for achieving automation to the maximum level.

Business Benefits

  • Increase productivity and capabilities by minimizing the time spent for completing repetitive tasks.
  • Provide responsive and consistent customer service.
  • Scale the business and increase the business operations with existing workforce.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Integrate existing systems without using expensive software or creating customized APIs.
  • Help the employees get more hours for performing higher-value work by automating repetitive processes by way of robotic automation.

Sectors we deal in

We have transformed business operations by our strong knowledge related to deploying future-enabled RPA technology and by taking a tool-agnostic approach while designing responsive automation solutions.


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