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With mobile technology is becoming the focus of business entities for better performance and extensive usage of wireless technologies, Mobile Application Development is on the rise. Companies are developing strategies for harnessing mobile technology for increasing their agility and performance. This is imperative as the customers are moving away from traditional methods of completing the business transactions and recent trends indicated increasing usage of mobile devices by the customers. As a mobile app development company, VertexPlus helps you to address your needs and our experience of developing and porting mobile applications in mobile devices will help you to develop mobile application depending on your requirement.

Process we follow

Over the past decade, we have developed varieties of mobile applications and our scrum-based agile process helps to deliver high quality applications at minimum time frame. Being a prominent mobile app development company, we utilize disruptive technologies and frameworks for both native iOS and Android Platforms. We have streamlined our process of developing mobile applications from the feedback received from the customers as well as our knowledge and expertise in the field.

Mobile Application Strategy

Strategic mapping is done by laying down a roadmap for developing mobile application by considering the requirements of the users. Our experts help you to determine the objectives and deliver the best user experience.

User Experience (UX) design

Our objective is to derive an interactive design that covers all the application functions. Our experts use every graphic and animation to ensure an enticing and captivating experience so that users spend more time on the application. UX tools and design are used for enhancing user experience and their feedback is taken regularly for understanding the application’s performance.

App Optimization

We perform App store optimization, crash analysis, and event tracking as part of our post-release activities to deliver high performing applications. Our experts identify the platform best suited for your mobile applications and help to shift from current tech stack with ease.

Features of applications developed by us

Analytics-based Improvements
We develop applications by using performance and crash analytics for determining areas of improvement in the mobile applications. This ensures continuous improvement and also developing future-based applications thereby helping our clients to stay ahead of the curve.

Platform Migration
Or experts help our clients to identify the correct platform for mobile applications and ensure smooth transition from existing tech stack without any hassles. With the changes in technology, it is essential that transition is smooth such that transition process does not affect business operations.

Managed Services
Our experienced and focused experts help our clients to monitor and manage mobile applications and back-end solution, thus, faults and defects are detected at early stages and comprehensive strategies are developed for rectifying the flaws quickly.

Our Expertise in Mobile Technologies

iOS Applications

We have dedicated and creative experts for designing and deploying iOS application and they perform all the activities from product development to product optimization to testing. VertexPlus offers a wide range of world-class iPhone development services. Since iOS is a different platform in itself, the usability, functionality, and design varies from other devices. Our experts ensure that compatible applications are designed in order to enhance the user’s experience and help the business to use multiple platforms in their business processes.

Android Applications

Since Android is the most widely used platform, our experts will help you to create responsive mobile applications with full-featured powerful back-ends & best coding practices. Our team is highly specialized in managing the complexity of the platform and the issues are resolved by using advanced approaches and by ensuring high performance of these applications even under difficult conditions.

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