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Achieving agility through transformation

With business placed in a worldwide web and reachable to the whole world, an individual can easily find direct information on the actual cost of a product. This can be a challenge to enterprises that are not at par with technology and can also get the business seated back and pushed off with competitors moving ahead.Enterprise Applications are software solutions that can help businesses to optimize data and workflow for increasing productivity and efficiency.

The complexity of integrating on-premise systems and cloud services can only be resolved with the help of integration applications and deployment of these applications are essential for the organizations to function as a single business unit. While there are no particular characteristics for defining these applications, they contain multiple features depending on the objectives that have to be achieved.

What we do

Consultants and experts at VertexPlus help enterprises enhance business value from technology investments. As an enterprise application consultant, VertexPlus ensures that the objectives related to business transformation are realized by optimizing data and workflow, managing risks and compliance, increasing productivity, and achieving peak performance through holistic business and technology strategy.

We emphasize on integrated multiple software and hardware systems by ensuring the free flow of information across applications and overcoming all barriers of transferring data from one application to another by using enterprise application integration solution. These applications utilize middleware technologies and APIs to connect different applications at functional levels.

VertexPlus provides end-to-end business solutions including developing strategy, execution, and maintenance, backed by long-term strategic alliances with our clients.

Our Expertise

Offshore advisory services

Customized solutions

Process engineering

Business process outsourcing

Mobility collaboration

Commonly Used Enterprise Applications

These applications are customized for resolving issues faced and can be used across all processes.

Placing orders

Task scheduling

Product delivery



Customer relationship management

Our Service Features

Ability to interact with other applications

Perform critical business operations

Easy to customize and upgrade

Centrally managed





Tools we work on

We enable you to introduce an intelligent SAP solution that enables to remove common obstacles associated with legacy ERP applications such as manually driven processes, batch latency, and complex landscapes. The features of SAP include AI capabilities and customization abilities that helps to modify the application depending on your business requirement. SAP solution can also be deployed on cloud for achieving high performance and agility.

Oracle applications
Oracle will help you to leverage business processes and achieve operational efficiencies. We have been delivering Oracle services for more than a decade and ensured that our clients experience greater business agility by using Oracle tools and applications. Our clients have been able to successfully integrate various functions and simplify their processes such as, Human resource, finance and accounts, supply chain and database management.

Salesforce will help you to resolve issues related to customizing and deploying sales and service application. Our experts will help you to integrate, customize and deploy Salesforce Enterprise Application by designing and managing a well-synchronized application with unique functionalities. Our aim is to give you better and extended services to help you to achieve the objectives of using advanced Salesforce applications across various domains.

SharePoint application empowers teamwork by building cohesion throughout the organization by sharing common resources and applications on portal. With this application, employees will be able to share files, data, and information and you can reap maximum benefits by using SharePoint mobile applications. We will help you to utilize the maximum benefits of SharePoint and develop collaboration among different departments and help you to build a common platform for sharing information.

Business Benefits of our services

Managing and sharing data
We help you to increase interoperability among the departments. Our applications help employees to access information collected by the applications easily.
Automation of the workflows
The applications developed by our experts will help you to create and access reports as well as enhances transparency of financial flow.
Increased Efficiency
We help you to develop effective communication channel thereby reducing the time and effort for completing business operations.
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