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Intelligent Automation is re-defining the future of business processes.

Automation, leveraged by using AI, involves developing a new platform for humans and machine to collaborate for completing business operations. Companies are shifting towards using advanced technologies and this can be supported from the fact that augmented reality, digitization and Industrial Internet of Things were buzzwords a few years earlier, but in today’s time, these have become necessities and if implemented effectively, firms will be able to become leaders in their domain.

By introducing automation, firms will be able to eliminate errors and complete their routine tasks quickly. There will be a gradual shift of burden from employees to technology as they will be able to focus on other important functions that are more valuable to the organizations.

Define your automation journey with VertexPlus

VertexPlus is committed towards providing best automation solutions to clients in order to simplify their business operations and help them achieve their strategic and operational objectives. We help our clients to transform and manage functional and industry-specific processes to achieve digitization across all processes. These processes rely on AI and advanced analytics to deliver higher-quality processes at lower costs. From our experience, the four process of fundamental design is followed while providing process automation services.

Assessing business process workflow and redesign

Selecting elements of automation technology and ascertaining the ways to using them in larger spectrum.

Deploying accelerated proofs of concept using specific automation solutions.

Integrating AI to develop automatic solutions and business decision support system.

With our deep understanding of latest trends in process automation, we offer automation services that drive changes in the business processes by using AI and Robotic Process Automation.

Our expertise

Managing Business Workflow Effectively

Managing transactional activities

Change and Approval management system

Tracking and Validating the workflow issues

Providing suggestions for increasing efficiency

Business Process Management (BPM)

Developing coordination across all functional areas

Designing and deploying BPM software for building coordination among all applications used in the organization.

Desktop Automation
  • Windows Application Driver (WinAppDriver) - used as an automation tool for Windows desktop.
  • AutoIT - simulating mouse and keyboard clicks and it also activates binary files of the tested application using a Reflection.
  • Winium – Supports test automation on Windows Applications
  • LDTP (Linux Desktop Testing Project) – Supports MAC (PyATOM Version) and also Windows OS (Cobra Version)
  • Jubula – Automating UI tests designed for JAVA applications.
  • Pywinauto – Automating Windows desktop applications
  • Sikulix – Automate applications running on Windows, Mac or Linux OS.
Document Digitization
  • Developing digital content management systems to store, manage, and provide access to files depending on the requirement
  • Document Scanning – Imaged conversion of documents
  • Document Conversion – Document scanning as well as Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Document Remediation – Including meta-tags to images and signatures. Also, using screen readers for correcting the read order tables and columns
Intelligent Process Automation

Achieving automation using natural language processing

Task completion using deep learning algorithms, cognitive techniques and rule-guided workflows

We drive transformation in

Sourcing and Procurement
Our procurement services are designed for performing complete procurement function from strategic sources to payables, thus helps your business transform into a cognitive enterprise. We deliver highly personalized user experiences based on our expertise in the field and experience of providing services to our clients for over a decade. We at VertexPlus will help you to minimize costs by designing intelligent workflows for procurement process.

Transforming operations from analog to digital for transforming procurement process to be more responsive.

Increase the accuracy of data to provide accurate insights and make more informed decisions.

Enhance skill and talent of employees by automating low-value and repetitive tasks.

Our Sourcing and Procurement services
Procurement consultancy services

Our experts will provide an insight regarding the transformation of process into fully integrated and highly automated features

Sourcing services

Data-driven sourcing operations help to minimize business costs. We help you to manage supplier selection and improve the operational efficiencies.

Procure to Pay

Resolve the challenges of complex global enterprises with integrated Procure to Pay (P2P) operations. This is developed in order to improve user experience and increase compliance

Third-party risk management

Reduce the risks with real-time vendor
management and mitigation
by using risk-monitoring
techniques and alerts

Human Resources
Transforming the business enterprise requires focus on improving all the processes involved while employees interact with customers and with each other. By using AI and by considering our advice, it becomes easier for the firms to hire right people and upgrade their skills periodically.

Our HR Services
HR process transformation

We help you to transform HR services by applying AI, cloud, and automation solutions for improving performance

Talent Acquisition

Our Recruitment services are customized to address every stage of talent acquisition process. Our clients benefit from our deep knowledge of recruitment, behavioral science and technology used to design custom solutions

Talent Development

Our experts help you to use disruptive technologies: AI, blockchain and automation for empowering employees and build advanced workforce by upgrading their skills

Financial Services
We offer a range of financial services for transforming the business and help our clients to manage end-to-end processes, including record-to-report, order-to-cash and enterprise performance management. By using efficient workflows, we design and deploy advanced front office and back office applications and these are developed by using AI and blockchain.

Our Services in Financial Services
Planning and Analysis

Our experts help our clients to compete in the market by developing abilities to synthesize information from all data sources for accurate prediction analysis.

Record to Report

We ensure to comply with company data management policies, accounting standards and increase efficiency in decision making process

Risk and Fraud management

We help our clients to identify perpetrators committing fraud and abusive acts directed towards financial institutions by using payment analytics tool

Supply Chain
We help you to develop a smarter supply chain enabled by AI and blockchain that gives an unmatched quality of information which will help you to make correct decisions.

Our Services in Supply Chain
Simplify and strengthen B2B networks

With the increasing complexity in the business enterprise, we help you to simplify connectivity between people, systems and data that is important to your business

Deliver products perfectly

Our dynamic order monitoring and optimized sourcing enables to find the lowest cost to deliver products on time.

Benefits of Business Process Automation

Improved Performance
Increased productivity and efficiency and achieve maximum performance with minimum efforts
Flexible Platform
Faster deployment and firms can realize the benefits quickly
Reduced Costs
Savings on performing repetitive tasks
Positive customer relationships
Delivering consistent customer experiences
Achieving flexible workflow design
Blending structured processes and exceptions into workflows for smooth flow of operations
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