Event management encompasses of several essential elements, including planning, organizing, inviting, managing, decision-making etc. In order to manage every minuscule detail associated with this task, there is usually a lot of time, efforts and well, cost involved.

While organizing even simple get-together, the biggest and most common concerns people come up with are:

1. Planning an event is a time consuming process.

2. Deciding location for the event is another hectic job.

3. Selecting the menu as per the budget.

4. Making a guest list and then inviting them.

Owing to the growing digitalization, there are more efficient and economic modes available these days for planning a successful event. And one of the most favorable amongst those is with the use of Mobile Applications, especially the personalized ones.

Why Personalize?

The main agenda of personalization is to deliver content that matches specific user needs and interests without any efforts made by them. These applications mostly use the latest technologies to collect users information like their needs, tastes, and preferences to adjust the interface according to their profiles. Personalization delivers specific information to the users by remembering their information.

How can Personalized Event Management Apps help?

Although, event management companies are available to address all the concerns of organizing an event on behalf of the organizers but one cannot reach to them for petty parties or a get together mainly due to low budgets. In these scenarios, they require a smart event management application that could help them to organize a successful event. These applications can simply play a crucial role in the people’s lives because nowadays, their lives have become much busier and hectic which has also affected their personal, as well as social lives.

Mobile app development companies have understood the need of the hour and built personalized event management apps that are proficient to handle multiple tasks of an event and to offer personalized user experience. Users just need to select the people with whom they want to go out. A personalized event management application is useful in:

1. Creating alive invites through audio and video messages.

2. Tracking the joiners in real-time and joiners can also communicate with the party host to get relevant updates.

3. Suggesting relevant venue options as per the convenience of all people in the group.

4. Everyone in the guest list could locate each other.

5. Helping in creating buzz for the event.

6. Instant messaging- with this feature, anyone from the group could communicate privately as well as to the group to give or take relevant updates.

All things under one Roof

In this high-tech era, where a number of mobile applications are available to offer a convenient option to the users, VertexPlus, a web development company has created an Artificial Intelligence powered platform i.e. GoodTime for resolving all the concerns related to making an event successful along with providing users a great experience.


The GoodTime app is an effort made in a direction to encourage the collectivist real-world social experiences over virtual and individualistic social interactions. It also help the users to meet with their loved ones and create memories and that too without thinking anything before going out. This app help you to stay in continuous real-world touch with your peeps, decide time, and show relevant places that could meet the requirements of everyone in the group.

With the changing lifestyle, personalized applications such as GoodTime is what brings relief to the consumers as the tasks that are often time-consuming and costly get reduced to saving a plenty of time and money.