The emerging ground for web networks have necessitated the development of websites for company's business prospects. From planning, executing to launching the idea; there are series of steps undertaken by the web design and development company with utmost care so that the final products are devoid of bugs and complications.

Planning- After a quick study of requirements and analysis of client's business, a roadmap is established for designing, development, coding etc so that the process of designing shuns most of the perplexities at preparatory level.

Web Designing- Designing is the step where vision starts shaping to reality. Mock-ups are designed as per the requirements and then HTML and CSS code are written for establishing basic designing structure.

Web Development- This is where programming on ASP/PHP framework or a content management system is laid. The templates are built and fed with relevant content after thoroughly proofreading them. Testing and verifying links and functionality now comes into the picture so that there is no scope of further slip-ups.

Launching- When a website is ready to hit the browser, make sure that it is polished well enough to be presented to the public. Launching also involves final checking using tools such as code validators, broken-link checkers, website health checks, spell-checker. Also, it is advisable to cross platform check the websites like on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc .

Post launching- After final testing and launching, proper documentation is done which is handed over to the client. Once he takes a look at the project and approves it, the project is then given final closure.