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Business Enterprises always explore unique possibilities for improving their processes and operational efficiencies due to increasing competition. Automation is a powerful tool that is used to deliver veritable outcomes on minimizing operational costs, paving way for enhancing productivity and increasing accuracy. With the businesses witnessing unprecedented innovation across all sectors along with increased complexity, big data, it is essential for the firms to deliver high-quality output and reducing costs. This is the reason for the enterprises for considering the usage of disruptive technologies across all functions.

Intelligent Automation – Need of the hour

Intelligent automation has the capability of transforming all types of business processes, from repetitive to more advanced, helping the firms to achieve strategic objectives by improving the quality of the work performed. The concept of changing business processes is developed by the components of intelligent automation.

Effective human-machine collaboration; new skills have to be developed among workers for achieving desired level of human-machine interactions.

Improving processes for increasing efficiency and minimizing the time required for completing the tasks.

Utilizing the maximum potential of technologies such as AI and IoT and resulting in reduced errors and increased productivity.

Using data for increasing output and improving decision-making process by considering real-time data generated from advanced applications.

Define your automation journey with VertexPlus

VertexPlus is committed towards providing best automation solutions to clients in order to simplify their business operations and help them achieve their strategic and operational objectives. Clients can get an edge over their competitors by automating operations by using our expertise and experience of developing strategies related to designing effective workflows, process automation and our ability to create a roadmap for transforming the business operations. With our deep understanding of latest trends in process automation, we offer automation services that drive changes in the processes by using AI and Robotic Process Automation.

How we are transforming businesses in different sectors


Banks are using our automation services in reconciliation process as it reduces the time of reconciling the audit report by 90 percent. The work performed by three employees for a period of 72 hours is completed within minutes.

Retail sector

Since retail sector deals with huge volume of data every day, our experts help to capture and highlight important details such as purchase amount and discount availed by developing web-based applications. Such information enables to make pricing decisions accurately.


Transporting goods involves maintaining compliances and we develop application that helps to record and process tax amount accurately. Since the taxes are pre-defined, the desired output is calculated accurately and you can file the returns without any hassles.


Our Intelligent Automation platforms help to transform processes and play an important role to reduce operating costs. RPA and AI are integrated to increase output, reduce production costs, and deliver quality output for achieving customer satisfaction.

Consumer products and supply chain

Higher synchronization is required across all supply chain functions; from procuring raw materials to production, from inventory management to delivery of goods. This is achieved by using our applications built using AI for minimizing errors in supply chain management.


With the insurance companies facing issues related to managing huge volume of data, we use AI and cognitive computing techniques for extracting reliable information from a series of data.

Benefits to Business Enterprises

Minimize expenses
Additional costs of procuring resources and manpower for performing repetitive tasks is eliminated
Improve quality and reliability
Applications developed using cognitive techniques provide accurate results every time
Easy Adoption and Integration
User-friendliness enables to perform tasks without hassles
Ability to be more competitive
Enables enhanced productivity and increases competitiveness
Increase productivity and efficiency
Complex operations are performed within minutes
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