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The drastic changes in the level of technology in recent times have compelled the businesses to focus on creating applications that not only increases operational efficiencies but also help to build strong relationship with the customers. In a hyper-active digital ecosystem, it is essential to develop personalized and highly intuitive apps that help the customers to incentivize the time spent on accessing different applications. Although deploying new applications enhance the responsiveness and productivity, developing these applications can be quite challenging considering the ever-evolving technology landscape.

As an application development company, we at VertexPlus help our clients to effectively manage end-to-end application development cycle by using robust methodologies, tools, and frameworks. Our experts help the firms to use innovative customer applications and achieve higher productivity and agility. Our proven methods combined with cutting edge technology ensures designing future-oriented solutions for taking your business to the next level. Our services span across developing web, custom, desktop, and mobile applications that help to transform people, process, and technology.

Our Offerings

Web Application Development

As businesses operate in digital era, it is imperative for all businesses to have an online presence for connecting with the customers at global level. With the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices, it becomes easier for the businesses to interact with the customers. Our experts develop scalable and engaging web applications be it your corporate website or Intranet App, we provide varieties of options so that you select best option that is best suited for your business.

As a web application development company, we have built web apps for a wide range of business sectors including education, healthcare, finance, and retail and our experts provide guidance for improving capabilities of the applications. We thrive to create quality User Interfaces (UI) by focusing on individuals rather than abstract users while designing the applications. We understand the perception of the users while they use applications so User Experience (UX) is also considered while developing applications.

Custom Application Development

As business evolves with the changing trends in the technological domain, we help the clients to scale new frontiers. Our expertise and decades of experience in web design and development will help you to integrate systems and processes. Our experts build powerful and scalable web apps that are custom made using agile development processes. We leverage the latest technological advances with thoughtful design to construct tailored solutions across all industries and help our clients to achieve their objectives.

Our holistic methods combined with using latest technology helps to design and deploy intelligent solutions in your business operations.

Intelligent and Result driven business applications

Scalable and High quality solution

Efficient and secure web portals

Responsive and reliable web applications

Effective and high-end applications developed by conducting research

Desktop Application development

Our desktop application development services will help you to use efficient, user-friendly, and customized applications to fulfil your business requirements. These applications enables you to automate specific process, synchronize business process, and improve performance. Our services are highly valued from our clients and with more than a decade of experience, we build scalable, feature-rich, and reliable applications consistently by using latest technology.

.NET WPF desktop application development

Using CodedUI, CUITE and Winium for testing

UI Desktop Application Development

Desktop Application Maintenance

Technology Expertise

Development languages

C/C++, Java, PHP, Shell scripting, Ruby

Graphical application frameworks

Vaadin, GWT, AngularJS


Oracle, MySQL, Informix, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis

Development frameworks

Java Enterprise Edition, Spring, JMX, JMS, JPA, Hibernate, REST, WebServices (CXF), Apache Camel

Mobile, web and desktop

app technologies

Operating systems

Linux, Solaris, Windows for GUI

Application servers

JBoss, Weblogic, OpenCloudRhino, Mobicents, Tomcat, TeleStax, Computaris framework

Benefits offered to our clients

Industry and Domain experts
We boost your capabilities with expert technology consulting and cater to your end-to-end development needs.
Leading IT consultants
We act as your back-end development partner and bridge your technology gaps.
Strengthening SMEs
We ease out the complexities faced by SMEs across various processes and help your small businesses to deal with operational challenges.
Encourage Start-ups
We specialize in offering future-ready applications and focus on providing strategic solutions to boost your competitiveness.
Quality Assurance and Support
We systematically monitor and evaluate the performance of applications by testing the applications. Our maintenance activities include error correction and increasing application capabilities.
End-to-end service
We provide end-to-end development services, from application design to deployment and maintenance, to our clients and ensure using disruptive technologies for increasing their productivity and efficiency.
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